Friday, January 29, 2010

A Vision of Students Today--my response

After watching "A Vision of Students Today" I am somewhat surprised that the method in which classes are taught--which originated during the 19th century is viewed by some to be obsolete. To be honest though, I do disagree with some of the points that the students in the video made. For example, unlike these students, my classes do not take place in lecture hall filled with over a hundred students. Generally I'm in a small class that contains up to 20 students--and at most perhaps 40 if it is a larger class. Also, all of the professors that I've had throughout my four years know my name--even when I no longer frequent their classrooms or happen to bump into them outside of class. Then again, I may just be fortunate to have made a positive impact upon my professors--or perhaps it's because I always sit up front where the professor can see me.

Anyhow--back on track, I'm actually comfortable with the method in which I am taught in my classes--but that may just be because I've been taught to learn this way since elementary school. There are some points I agree with though. I don't always read all of my assigned textbook readings--sometimes I just don't have enough time to do so. Other times the readings are impossibly long and uninteresting--and due in a rather short time. Yet, I still get good grades because I complete all of my written assignments on time and actively participate in class. Also, while the textbooks themselves may not be interesting, the professor's lectures generally are.

Another reason I am comfortable with this "obsolete" teaching method is because at times I believe that I myself am obsolete. Unlike most students, I have a cellphone, but I don't know how to text, nor do I wish to do so because it seems so impersonal. Also, I don't go on my cellphone for hours a day. I do use it to talk to my boyfriend daily--but our talks are generally shorter than the average college student. Also, I have Facebook--but I have it rather reluctantly. I was finally convinced to get a facebook page by my boyfriend--but I hardly use it because I'm not used to it yet. Ironically, my mom actually urges me to use it when I'm home on winter break or vacation because she wants me to stay in touch with my friends. However, I guess I'm just a bit parnoid that I'll write something stupid that will prevent me from getting a good job in the future.

Don't get me wrong though, I am a computer junkie, and whenever I have free time on my hands, I will surf the web for hours--at least two or three--for non-school related reasons.Yet I definately don't feel as tech savy as other classmates.

Here is an article that frankly frightens me as it mentions that not only are classrooms obsolete--but so are teachers and that we are better off learning for free through technology. In otherwords, schools, classrooms and teachers can be "easily" replaced with TECHNOLOGY

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