Friday, February 5, 2010

We can rebuild grandma--and make her better

The idea of a cyborg being is slowly revealing itself to be more fact than fiction. Of course, that does not mean that the world is going to become a dystopia where machines attempt to destroy all humans because they are deemed "obsolete." No, I highly doubt that humans can become "Terminators." However, we are becoming increasingly dependent upon computers and technology--resulting in a symbiosis of sorts. Symbiosis is a interaction between two different organisms who hav a beneficial codependency upon one another. In other words, one cannot survive without the other. A cyborg is the result of a mutual beneficience between technology and a human. However, we are not entirely dependent upon machines just yet, and humanity can survive without technology. Therefore, there should be no fear of a distopia in which humans are entirely enslaved by technology--not yet anyway.

However,while we are not entirely dependent upon machines. Some machines can not exist without a person who has a condition. Vice-versa, a person with a condition may not survive or last as long in ease without a machine attached to him or her. In other words, the machine helps the person with a condition live more comfortably--and more freely. I tend to joke with my mother that my grandmother is slowly becoming a cyborg. Now this doesn't mean that grandma's eyes glow bright red when she looks upon us, nor does she constantly scan for information. What I mean is that my grandmother has had to get knee replacements and a hip replacement because she (thankfully) has managed to live longer than her own body parts. Grandma even had a chance to try out a microchip that if it worked successfully with her body, would be implanted inside her in order to lessen her arthritic pain. The device I believe is remote controllable and instead of feeling pain, grandma would simply feel a tingling sensation. Unfortunately, this new technology was found to be incompatible with grandma. In other words, it did not lessen grandma's pain--so that's one less piece of technology inside of grandma.Apparently cyborg technology isn't so far away--or as impossible as we once imagined.

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