Friday, February 26, 2010

Things I don't understand: the iPad

Despite the ongoing progress of modern technology, we may still create a few flops.A few days ago in the college cafeteria, I was having a conversation with a friend about the iPad that Apple has recently come out with. Being slightly less tech savy than the average college student, I had absolutely no idea at first what an iPad did--besides function as a rather large iPod. The friend explained to me that that was exactly what it was--a big iPod with the ability to surf the web and download videos and music. He believes that it will be a flop because it can everything that an iPod can already do--and it's less functionable--and more expensive than a standard laptop or notebook. It also doesn't sound very practical. The main version can only store 16 gigabytes on it. I may not know how much 16 gigabytes can store, but I'm certain that it's less than how much my standard regular non-iTouch iPod can store--and that thing is relatively inexpensive. On the otherhand, while we are in an economic depression this iPad runs at about $500, it really doesn't seem worth it. I agree with my friend--this thing probably makes a better hat than for what it was originally intended to do. This link sums up my thoughts nicely.

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