Friday, March 5, 2010

Things I don't understand-- Windows Vista

I always was a bit old-fashioned but then again, humans are said to really dislike change. So to be honest--I actually still own a Windows XP laptop--I've had it since approximately 2006--just before Windows Vista came out. To be honest--I'm quite terrified of Windows Vista. My parents had to get a new computer around my sophomore year--it has Windows Vista. I refuse to use microsoft word on it--I use my own laptop for that. The reason is because the layout of microsoft word on Windows Vista is so different from the layout I have grown up on.Instead of texted windows that I can easily open up to change the font or double space my work such as the "format" button, there are pictures. This frustrates me because the pictures are not labeled appropriately. In fact, sometimes I don't even know which button will allow me to print my document because there isn't a simple "file-print" button anymore. Of course the only downside to keeping my windows XP is that it is not compatible with the newer program, so I can't always view document files that are sent to me--unless they are converted beforehand. I generally have to go into the library if I need to view a document that I can't view on my computer. Apparently I'm not the only one frustrated with Windows Vista's version of Microsoft Word--many people agree that it stinks. Yet I'm unfortunately certain that it's here to stay, and I might as well get use to it. I wouldn't even be surprised if my own mother who is generally less tech savy than me is fluent in using it. Perhaps for once, she'll have to teach me something related to computers.

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