Friday, March 12, 2010

Dream Laptop

In my last class, we had to get into our groups and envision a dream laptop--basically our laptop could do anything--even surpassing the possible. It would be very cool if laptops could turn into portable tables. Basically the laptop would have a sturdy (not one of those flimsy folding tables)table attached to it--I'd call it the tabletop. It would be nice--I'd never have to worry about where to store a laptop again and I wouldn't have to sit with it in my lap because I could simply prop up the table whenever and wherever I needed it.

Another group envisioned a laptop that could make clothing. While this may not be good for the economy as we would no longer need department stores,I must admit this would be rather cool. I like the idea of putting inside a printer a piece of cloth instead of paper and then watch a custom made T-shirt pop out of it! It would be especially nice because I'm rather small and it is sometimes difficult to get certain types of clothing. If the computer made my own clothing--I could chose the exact size I needed. This would come in handy for shoes and sneakers. I have a very narrow foot, so I can never actually choose what kind of shoes I want. I can only chose them based on comfort, so I basically wear New Balance sneakers. If I could design my own shoes via a laptop--then they could be both comfortable and stylish--and would forever solve my footwear problem.

I also like the idea of having my laptop give me a massage when I get tired from straining my neck up at the screen in order to read something. It would have robotic arms that would shoot out whenever I needed them to. The computer could be water-proof too--and it could have cupholders! Okay, I'm kind of joking about the cupholders--although they'd probably get mixed up with the cd rom drive anyway. I kinda just wanted to mention it because there's an infamous urban legend in which an individual calls tech support because he broke his computer's "cupholder" Here's a link to a version of it.

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