Friday, March 5, 2010

Software architecture machines

Apparently, architecture also applies to the way in which we construct computers. The software is the brain and logic of the computer. In a way, we sort of live in software systems--the computer is like a house--which may be why it's referred to as software architecture in the first place.Through human-computer interaction the best type of software system can be designed. There are three types of models. The first model is you.. There is nothing natural about the look or feel of a computer. They are designed for particular types of people. So when it comes to you being the model, it is relevant to know who is going to be the user, what the user is going to use it for, and what's in demand at the time. The second model is the computer itself--although you are the most important element in software systems as the computer is designed around you. This model refers to the computer as the model and your model of it. In other words--what you think the computer does. The final model is the computer's model of your model of its model of you--that is to say an idea of what you think it is. Through communicatioation and confidence-- both user and computer are able to recognize each other's model of one another. A good software system is a good relationship because you understand how it views you. It's basically like getting to know someone. Through confidence and trust, the software gets to know you. A human computer interaction is thus like a social interaction.

Also in class, I learned about Android--which is a mobile operative system--I've actually never heard of it before. That's most likely because I'm not very tech savy. I think I found a link that gives me a basic idea of what it is--although it sounds sort of complicated. Here's the link

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