Friday, April 23, 2010

Social Networks Increase One's Health?

To be honest, I have not been truly sick since 2 years ago during my Sophomore year at college--most likely due to some bad cafeteria food. Sure, I get sore throats, and runny noses from time to time--but I haven't come down with an actual fever lately--even when I'm in contact with a friend who happens to be sick. I haven't caught anything from them, dispite our close contact.
I always thought it was due to me having a strong immune system, yet there's another plausible theory behind my strong health. Supposedly, having a vast social network--both weak and strong ties, provides one with strong health. Thus, those who have strong social networks that consist of family members, relatives,and friends are less likely to have a heart attack or pregnancy problems. Yet the ironic part is that the bigger the social network the more germs we are exposed to--although at the same time, research has discovered that the bigger one's social ties, the less likely one is to be afflicted with a contagious disease. In other words the more social interaction one partakes in the healthier and happier one is. Truth be told, I am pretty happy--and i do have a pretty vast social network.Social networks have a direct impact on one's physical and mental well being.
Research has also shown that generally amongst elderly white couples--when the spouse dies, the other one dies shortly after--maybe after a few weeks, months or a year or two.However When a spouse dies in an elderly black couple, the other one lives on longer due to having plenty of weak and strong social ties. Thus, elderly black couples are more socially integrated than their white counterparts.

Here's a link that mentions how social networks on facebook and twitter can actually improve one's health.

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