Friday, April 30, 2010

video games are errotic

During our last class we discussed how video games provide us with the knowledge on how machines impact our lives and how we impact machines. In other words, video games provide a new kind of intimacy or erroticism. Naturally, a lot of us got confused as to what that meant and I blurted out that that sort of thing makes my mind go in the gutter. Indeed, erroticism is linked to biological sex yet there are other aspects to erroticism. In other words it is not soley limited to heteronormal sexual activity, nor is it specifically linked to gentailia. Rather errotic is linked to pleasure, libido and desire, it is sensualized, yet it doesn't have to refer soley to a man-woman relationship. It could refer to a fetish or even a man-animal sort of relationship. For example, someone could find himself obsessed with a pinball machine--there's something very sensual about it--with all those bells and levers and flashing lights--and of course there's the obvious sexual innuendo of trying to get a ball into a hole. Our teacher even referred to the bit in which there are flashing lights and bells as the "climax." Yet it's not necessarily sex, it's sexualized due to libido. There's definately pleasure in video games--and not just because of characters like Laura Croft. It's more that one finds themselves wanting to play a video game all night if they are that absorbed in it. Sometimes, I find myself playing until my arms start to ache or my feet fall asleep. Then, I may find myyself so absorbed in the game that I can't wait until I can get back to it.One time, when I was sick from school, I was actually partially happy because it meant that I could play some more of Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door.
Here's a link to intimacy and addiction in video games.


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